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My Cat Does Not Like Being in a Carrier and Howls in the Car on the Way to the Vet. I Prefer to Jus

When traveling with a cat, it is always safest to travel with your cat in a carrier, even if your cat protests loudly. In general, cats can startle easily and can move very fast. While the clinic lobby may be quiet when you enter, there is a strong likelihood that someone with a dog will enter while you are waiting. The presence of an unfamiliar dog may startle your cat, causing him/her to bolt for the door. Even if your cat stays contained in the lobby, trying to catch a scared cat can be difficult may result in bites and scratches to the people trying to catch your pet. Therefore, cats should always be in carriers when traveling. If you still have concerns about your cat’s vocal disagreement to being in a pet carrier, this handout will help you acclimate your cat to the pet carrier. This will help ensure your cat is safe and reduce the stress you feel when traveling with your cat.


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