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My Pet’s Breath Stinks.  Is There A Pill or Something I Can Give My Pet to Freshen His/Her Breath?

Doggie Breath!

Unfortunately, there is no pill that can help pet halitosis. Bad breath can be an indicator that your pet is in need of a dental cleaning or may have some bad teeth or some form of gum disease. If your pet’s breath is bad, it is important for you to see your vet to discuss your pet’s dental health. Your doctor may recommend a dental cleaning and guide you as to whether there are any teeth that should be pulled or conditions that need further treatment. For dogs, we now carry OraVet, a once daily dental chew that will not only clean your dog’s teeth, but help prevent tartar and plaque build-up on the teeth. Once your dogs has had a dental, Bertrand Drive Animal Hospital recommends OraVet to help maintain your dog’s fresh breath and clean teeth.


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