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Does My Dog Get to Go Outside When S/he Boards?

Yes, of course! When boarding, dogs are given the opportunity to play 2 – 3 times of day. During these times, dogs are given access to an enclosed yard where they are allowed to run, investigate, and “do their business.” While they are outdoors, their cages are cleaned and their water is refreshed.

We typically only put one dog out at a time. The exception to that rule is if there are multiple dogs from the same home boarding together, they are given yard time together so that they can play with their housemates. Out of an abundance of caution, we do not allow pets from different households to interact with each other. We want all our visiting guest to be happy, healthy, and safe while under our care.

If you would like to board your pet for your next weekend outing, give Bertrand Drive Animal Hospital a call at 337.232.9777 to reserve your pet's bed!


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