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Fat Pets Are Happy, Healthy Pets… Right?

Probably not. It is possible for pets to become obese, and like humans, obesity can lead to serious health problems including difficulty breathing, joint pain, arthritis and diabetes— just to name a few. Not only can these conditions leave your pet feeling bad, but the cost to treat these conditions can become expensive over time and can shorten your pet’s life. It is always best if your pet maintains a healthy body weight.

So what is a health weight? We have a helpful visual guide that can help you determine if your pet is at a healthy weight or needs to shed a few pounds. If you need guidance as to how to help your pet lose weight, speak with your vet about your concerns. She can help you modify your pet’s diet and routine so that your pet gets the proper nutrition and calories. Bertrand Drive Animal Hospital also sells prescription diet food that is low in calories and helps your pet feel fuller longer. Speak with your vet about your pet’s weight and diet during your next visit!

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